Win-win Partnership
Opportunities for competent channel partners!
keytop channel partner

To expand our business and ensure our customers worldwide have access to our smart parking solutions, we are currently looking for competent channel partners and parking system distributors worldwide. We expect to work closely with our partners to win over the market and improve our solutions to meet local needs. As a channel partner/dealer of Keytop, you will be able to get:

  • Best sales and marketing support for revenue generation

  • Free technical support for certification

  • Marketing and sales incentives for solution promotion/marketing

  • Dedicated contact point for fast response

  • Channel protection and special project support

Industrial Trend

5G Application

Keytop is now working closely on integration with 5G technology and cloud service so as to meet the industry of developing a 5G enabled parking management platform that will integrate the parking application, centralized parking management platform and authority's traffic management platform into one! Thus, parking, payment, enforcement, and data will all be interconnected. Making parking smarter and people's travel more comfortable. Thus, making its contribution to building up a smart city!