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ANPR Ticketless Parking Management system


Revolutionize Your Parking Management with KEYTOP ANPR Ticketless Parking Management System

Are you tired of dealing with traditional parking issues such as long queues, lost tickets, and slow payments? Look no further than KEYTOP's ANPR ticketless parking management system! Our innovative system is designed to solve the problems of traditional parking and help operators achieve higher customer satisfaction rates and revenue.

Our ticketless parking management system begins with KEYTOP's patented ANPR lane cameras, which are installed in the entrance and exit lanes of the parking lot. The ANPR cameras capture the license plate number of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot and send the information to the server for parking management.

Using our ANPR technology, the ticketless parking management system will automatically allow or deny vehicles to enter or leave the parking lot through KEYTOP high-speed parking barriers. The entire process requires no additional action from the driver, such as obtaining an RFID card or ticket, which allows traffic to flow faster than ever before.

Our ANPR ticketless parking management system is based on ANPR technology, combined with multiple payment methods, including parking payments by credit card, cash, and mobile payments. With our intelligent management platform and other intelligent modules, we help parking lots improve their service level, management, and traffic efficiency. This results in the intelligence, informationization, and efficiency of parking lot management.

Our goal is to provide a system that optimizes your parking lot and maximizes your benefits, while making your customers happy with every visit. Our ticketless parking management system offers flexible parking options for guests, employees, and VIPs. With our ANPR technology, guest parking registration and authorization is simple.

In addition, our ticketless and cashless parking system has a positive effect on reducing human contact and the risk of virus transmission. We also support traditional tickets and RFID parking management for those who prefer those options.

Choose KEYTOP's ANPR ticketless parking management system for a seamless, secure, and efficient parking experience. Contact us today to learn more!

Ticketless Parking Management Systems
ANPR parking management


  • 99+% recognition rate

  • Dual LRP camera

  • HD stream video, recognize 25 pic per second

ANPR parking management report
  • Ticketless, license plate NO. as the virtual ticket

  • Fast in and out, increase traffice flow 

ANPR parking management reliability


  • Hot standby system for all time operation

  • Dual LRP camera for backup

  • Remote gate opening

  • Optional intercom system

ANPR parking management security


  • HD video record of the vehicle

  • Cloud server + local server

Cloud Based Parking Management System structurer

Parking management system layout.png
  • The components of KEYTOP ANPR ticketless parking management system mainly include. Parking barriers, ANPR cameras, LED screens, automatic payment stations, etc.

  • Cloud connectivity, reduced server costs, easy maintenance and updates.

  • "Ticketless", "touchless" and "non-cash payment". 

  •  Provide customized solutions 

  •  Open API for third party integration

Centralized Management Platform

Centralized management .png
  • Centralized parking management platform for business analysis/statistics

  • Performance statistics: turnover, payment methods, parking duration, different customer groups (Seasonal parking car, hourly parking car, reservation, etc.)

  • Traffic flow statistics: entry and exit times, entry/exit traffic flow, exit congestion, parking space occupancy

  • Support for customization

Mobile App to manage your carpark anytime, anywhere

Mobile App.png
  • Smart parking application that facilitates parking managers to manage parking, vehicles, finance and other operations anytime and anywhere.

Main Component of Ticketless Parking Management System 

KEYTOP ANPR Barrier Gate
ANPR camera for parking
barrier gate for parking
ANPR Parking barrier
  • ANPR & Parking Barrier , 2 in 1 . 

  • 2-mega pixel IP CAM

  • 2.8—12mm lens ,support WDR

  • Support white balance

  • 12.1 inch LCD display.

  • IP 54 protection

  • High brightness, long-distance

  • OEM/ODM support

LPR-based High-speed Camera
  • 2-mega pixel IP CAM, built in LPR

  • 2.8—12mm lens

  • Support WDR

  • Support white balance

  • Lifetime ≥40,000 hrs

  • IP 54 protection

  • High brightness, long-distance

  • OEM/ODM support

High-speed Parking Barrier
  • High-speed opening(0.9S/2.8S/4.8S optional)

  • Carbon fiber /Aluminum made barrier arm,

  • 4-bar mechanism for longer lifetime 

  • Epicyclic gear motor

  • Working temperature: - 40 ℃ to 85 ℃

  • IP55 protection

  • OEM/ODM support

Other Component

auto pay station for parking
Pay on foot
ANPR camera for parking
ANPR Camera(platinum version)
LED Display for parking
LCD Display
anpr camera for parking
ANPR Camera(basic version)
management software for parking
Parking Management Software
auto pay station for parking
Pay in lane
ticket dispenser for parking
Ticket Dispenser

Parking Management System Reference Project 


Looking for cutting-edge Smart Parking Solutions for your business? Look no further than our expert team at KEYTOP

We offer a wide range of Smart Parking System services, from regular consultation to customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions you may have and discuss potential tender opportunities with you.

Don't hesitate to contact us today for more information about our Smart Parking Solutions and take the first step towards a more efficient and optimized parking experience!

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