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Multiple Access Control Authentication

 It can be configured to allow visitors to authenticate for access control to gain approval for entry and exit. This can be done by using various credentials such as fingerprint, face recognition , printed barcodes/QR codes, NFC etc .

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 Enhance Security for facility

​When you are running a high risk business  such as government headquarters, military facilities, construction sites etc, highly secure access control of personnel entry and exit is highly required, if installed an turnstile system , the entrance remains locked until the entrants present the required credentials and are allowed for entry. 

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An Accurate Count for Occupancy

​Entrance turnstiles also keep a count of the clients, customers and guests entering your premises. This can help you ensure that you do not exceed the maximum occupancy of restaurants, theaters and other facility. These counts can also provide you with additional assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation. By keeping track of the number of people currently in your building or facility, you can ensure that everyone is accounted for and present after these events occur.

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