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Smart Parking For

Business District and Office Parks

Let KEYTOP smart parking solution improve the facility carpark management and security level

There could be thousands of cars entering and exit the carparks of the business district or office building in a single day. A high volume of traffic during peak hours is common. For this, automated management and parking space status are required to ensure smooth traffic flow. Keytop ANPR-based parking management solution is the right-fit solution for operators. The operator can easily assign parking facilities to resident companies and set up parking fee rules for long-term and short-term parkers.

  • Automated license plate recognition, no need for issuing tickets. 

  • Easy handling of long-term and short-term parking rules and conditions.

  • Provide a mobile application for long term parkers to check the invoices, refill their parking fees and revise their account info

  • Automated payment machine or mobile payment for visitors or guests to easily pay and go

  • Easy deletion of permits after leaving a resident company

  • Accurate live data provides an insight into trends and car park performance

  • Support integration with the existing infrastructure such as your employee cards

campus parking

Installations case

Huawei Office Park
  • 35,000 parking lots
  • Keytop Ultrasonic Parking Guidance
  • Keytop ANPR-based Parking Management System
Relevant Smart Parking Solution
ticketless parking for campus

Ticketless Parking Management

  • License plate recognition

  • Video analytics

  • Non-stop, no-waiting

  • 98% accuracy, 99.9% reliability

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