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Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

The ultrasonic sensor with built in LED indicator will be  installed at each parking space to detect a parked car, the  LED indicator can turn to red color when the parking space is occupied, and turn to green color when parking space is available, meanwhille the system use the ultrasonic sensor to calculate the total number of parking space and then display the available parking number on LED display ,so that can guide drivers to find an available parking space at the soonest 

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Ticketless Parking Management

Instead of Ticket/Rfid ,the Ticketless Parking Management  system started with ANPR Lane Camera, which  will be installed at both the entry and exit lane of the car park ,The ANPR cameras then capture vehicle that entering and leaving the car park , sending license plate No. to server for parking management , automatically ,the system will Allow/Deny the vehicle entering / leaving the car park by  High Speed Parking Barrier Gate .

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Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS) is a system based on camera sensor , the camera sensor is able to monitor 6 parking space at the maximum, the system mianly have three function : Parking Guidance 、Find Your Car and CCTV monitoring , The camera sensor with built in RGB light , This is usually used to differentiate the parking space type  such as occupied, available , female , handicap ,reserved and VIP 

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Video Parking Guidance System

Centralized Parking Management

KEYTOP has built a city-level smart parking system combined with smart parking management system 、 parking guidane system and  parking payments system,  with an innovative model of "AI smart parking + centralized parking mangement  platform+ multiple parking payments " and an advanced parking concept of "unmanned 、centralized management" to help the smart cities construction .

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KEYTOP PARKING INC. (KEYTOP) is a professional smart parking system manufacturer, providing safe, efficient, convenient and reliable smart parking services to customers around the world. KEYTOP has focused on the smart parking industry for more than 15 years, with business covering 33 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, and its products and services are exported to 60+ countries in the world. The company is headquartered in Xiamen,China and has nearly 2,000 employees. It has developed into a comprehensive parking industry group integrating parking consulting, R&D design, manufacturing, platform development, operation management, and investment construction.

KEYTOP‘s R&D and technical team accounted for 20%, mastering a number of independent core technologies and intellectual property rights; it has an independent factory of 30,000 square meters and 7,000 square meters "Remote service & big data center" ;based on "cloud  + Internet + mobile payment + AI " , the experienced and professional service team is on standby 24 hours to meet the technical support and operation services required by customers;  

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What Our Partners Say

"The KEYTOP parking guidance system works well. It's quite useful for parkers to quickly find vacant parking bays, and make the carpark look neater. The client is satisfied with this system, and give us positive feedback."


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