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Full Application Scenarios

Keytop started its business from parking status hardware and obtained its first order from the overseas market. Advancing with the time,  Keytop constantly transforms its business structure, expands its coverage and improves its R&D capability to better meet the market demands and improve customer satisfaction rate.

Today, Keytop has established a business structure that puts "hardware, platform, operation and customization" as its development strategy, main system including vary kind of ANPR Parking Management System,Parking Guidance System .

Gaining experience from the 100,000 parking lot project, Keytop not only understands end-users' need for parking but also has a deep insight into the expectations of operator and property owners from various industry segments. With years of development and practice, Keytop solutions can cover full scenario applications from shopping malls to smart cities, from on-street parking to off-street parking


Our solutions are proven to be reliable and of high quality. Our service and customization capability are proven to be flexible and strong. Keytop is trusted by customers nationwide and from across the world.

Full scenario parking applications
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