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KEYTOP Parking Guidance Systems Project: I-CITY Malaysia , a project with 5000+ parking space

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

i-City is a 72 acre ICT-based urban development beside the Federal Highway in Section 7, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Planned by architect Jon A. Jerde, i-City was designed as a fully integrated intelligent city, comprising corporate, leisure and residential components such as a 1 million sq. ft. regional shopping mall, office towers, Cybercentre office suites, hotels, apartments, data centers, and an innovation center.

It has also been endorsed as a tourism destination by the Ministry of Tourism and declared an International Park by the Selangor State Government. Such venues allow for entertainment and other cosmopolitan lifestyle outlets to operate on a 24-7 basis.

The project have around 5300 indoor parking space, the project have selected KEYTOP smart parking guidance system in order to enhance the utilization rate of parking lots, improving the parking experience .

LED outdoor display at the entrance

LED outdoor display installed at each entrance of the Parking Garage. These signs are equipped with a LED display that show the total number of available spaces per level, so drivers know what level is more likely to have spaces available for them.

LED indoor display inside the carpark

LED indoor display installed inside of the parking lots. These signs inform of the quantity and direction of the available spots. Also, serve as a tool to differentiate the type of spaces available.

Ultrasonic sensor at each parking space

KEYTOP Ultrasonic sensor equipped with a LED light installed at the front of each parking space to check and display availability of each parking space with an accuracy rate of >99%. sensors are connected to a controller, that gathers all the information and communicates it to the Server. The information (Parking status, parking time,) is then processed by the server and updated into the database. Then the relevant space availability information is sent to the LED displays for real time guidance for drivers.

Management software

The system management software will help I CITY user/administrator manage the parking garage presenting key data. The system was developed with the feature of generate usage data reports, and notify client of malfunctions and/or errors in the system. Once user/admin logs in into the software the interface will be divided into:

Monitor / Dashboard mode

Based on the information gathered by the system, this option will process data and generate graphics and charts to present them to the users, permitting users to understand current parking statistics and compare data in a faster and more visual way.

Parking Management Mode : This interface will allow the user/admin to access the parking map where all the levels will be listed with the current total availability. Once at the individual level interface, a map will display exactly the location and status of all parking spaces plus the location and number of every LED display installed in each level.

Data / Report View: Will grant access the historical data. This option enables user/admin to inquire about each individual level. Data can be acquired on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Also, usage data can be accessed for the whole parking garage as a single source. This section allows users to create highly customizable reports


Keytop is devoted to making cities smarter and better. Bringing 14 years of industrial expertise, Keytop enables easy carpark management and helps maximize carpark revenue for operators, meanwhile reduces the road congestion and improves the parking experience for drivers.

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