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Revolutionizing Parking with KEYTOP's Ticketless and Video Parking Guidance System at Suzhou Center

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Suzhou Center is a bustling hub of activity, with 50 entrance and exit points and over 10,000 parking spaces. To ensure a stress-free parking experience for the millions of residents and visitors to the area, Suzhou Center has partnered with KEYTOP to implement a Ticketless Parking Management System and Video Parking Guidance System.

The Ticketless Parking Management System provides seamless access control and eliminates the need for drivers to fumble with tickets or cash, improving traffic flow and reducing wait times at entry and exit points.

With the Indoor Video Parking Guidance System, drivers are guided to the nearest available parking space, reducing time spent searching for a spot and increasing time spent enjoying the amenities of Suzhou Center.

For added convenience, the Video Parking Guidance System also includes a "Find Your Car" kiosk and "Pay on Foot" option, allowing drivers to easily locate their parked vehicle and prepay parking fees with a credit card.

At KEYTOP, we pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line smartparking systems, and the Suzhou Center installation is no exception. Contact our sales team for more detailed information on how our parking solutions can improve your parking experience. With KEYTOP, parking has never been easier.


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