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Growing together with the city,an overview of KEYTOP cases at Chengdu City

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

In a few months' time, the 31st Summer Universiade will be held in Chengdu, China, where athletes from all over the world will gather to share in the prosperity of youth. Chengdu, the "City of Pandas" with its long and splendid history and unique living aesthetics, will also once again have a wonderful "clash" with the world thanks to its diverse culture.



Chengdu is an important high-tech industrial base in China, a commercial logistics centre and a comprehensive transport hub, as well as an important central city in the western region.

As a megacity with a permanent population of more than 20 million, it has placed higher demands on urban management and organisational mobilisation capabilities. To this end, Chengdu is focusing on the key links and key issues of urban operation, continuously improving the city's public services, public security and public management capabilities, and truly realising the agile, scientific and systematic governance of megacities.

Take urban smart parking as an example. As a leader in the smartparking industry, KEYTOP entered the Chengdu market in 2013 and established a second R&D centre directly under Chengdu. With a strong driving force for innovation and excellent service capabilities, KEYTOP has continued to expand its development area in Chengdu. Through leading products and services, it provides standardised information-based smart parking management services for hundreds of parking lots in Chengdu, and uses systems such as smart parking guidance system, ticketless parking management system, to solve problems such as "parking" and "car finding" difficulties, contributing to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the transportation industry and making urban traffic smoother.

Smart Business

01 LongFor Paradise walk

The shopping center of nearly 140,000 square meters is located in the well-known high-end service industry gathering place in Chengdu. In order to provide parkers a more seamless parking experience, LongFor Paradise Walk has installed KETYOP ticketless parking management system to its 10 entry/exit, and installed KEYTOP smart parking / ticketless parking management system / parking guidance system / parking barrier system.

02 Palm Springs International Center

With a total construction area of 260,000 square meters, the project is a landmark-level urban complex integrating the highest-level office buildings, modern commerce, apartments and luxury residences.By adopting the KEYTOP Unmanned Smartparking/Ticketless Parking Management System/parking barrier, it helps the parking lot to build a true "Unmanned" operation mode , effectively reduces the parking lot operation cost , and realizes the efficient operation .

Smart Hospital

03 Nanchong Central Hospital

Founded in 1937, it is a national first-class hospital integrating medical first aid, scientific research and teaching, rehabilitation and health care, and its medical services radiate more than 30 million people in the surrounding areas. Taking the most fundamental "reducing vehicle queue time" as the starting point, KEYTOP Smartparking Solution for hospital is used to help the 8 entry/exit of Nanchong Central Hospital, and nearly 1,400 parking spaces have completed the renovation by Parking Guidance System, achieved the goal of the scientific, intelligent, and efficient , which brings a convenient Smartparking experience to patients.

Smart Hotel

04 Wangjiang Hotel

With a history of more than 60 years, it is a five-star garden-style hotel in Chengdu, covering an area of more than 150 acres. KEYTOP Smartparking / Ticketless parking mangement system for hotel uses new-generation technologies such as image recognition, cloud, and mobile to carry out intelligent transformation of Wangjiang Hotel parking lots. Combined with back-end data statistics and visual management, front-end intelligent equipment to realizes high-efficiency, automatic and humanized management of vehicle entry and exit, For the hotel to reduce staff and increase efficiency, improve the hotel's refined management level, and effectively improve the customer's parking experience and the service quality of Wangjiang Hotel.

Smart Thema Park

05 Fangte Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park

Fangte Dinosaur Kingdom Theme Park is the largest dinosaur theme park in China, In response to the pain points such as "Vehicle congestion, Complicated in paying parking fee, Difficulty in finding parked car ", KEYTOP Smartparking Solution for thema park adopts the integrated solution of Parking guidance system and Ticketless parking management system to help the 14 entry/exit and 5,000 parking spaces of the theme park to be intelligently transformed, solve peak congestion and improve the tourist experience.

Smart Transportation Hubs

06 Mianyang Railway Station The railway station is an important hub for transportation connection, and the parking management faces many problems, such as congestion during peak hours, complicated billing for various vehicle types, and difficulty in finding a parking car, which test the parking management ability of the car park.For this reason, the railway station adopts KEYTOP Smartparking guidance system and ticketless parking mangement / parking barrier system to realize the vehicle fast entry and exit, improved the accuracy of license plate recognition, and provide mulple paymetns way for various type of parker .

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