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The World-Renowned Inventronics Select Keytop for its Smart Headquarters Project

Established in 2007, Inventronics is one of the world’s top LED driver manufacturers specializing in building innovative, highly reliable and long-life products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China with offices worldwide, Inventronics’ has established a worldwide sales network and its products are serving customers in over 80 countries.

As an innovative and high-tech enterprise company, the Inventronics management team pays great attention to improve its office infrastructure and facilities, aiming to optimize workforce efficiency and working environment. They are looking to build a smart office and a smart working style for its talented employees.

As a leading one-stop provider of smart parking solutions with a top market share in the parking industry in China, Keytop parking products and solutions have been widely deployed in various vertical markets and have a nationwide presence in people’s daily life.

With proven capabilities of supporting Inventronics’ vision of building a smart office and demonstrated reliability and high efficiency by our nationwide projects and customers, Keytop successfully signed the contract with Inventronics to deploy Keytop LPR Ticketless Parking Management System for their carpark with 752 parking spaces.

For enterprises, when looking for deploying or upgrading parking management system with the target of improving efficiency. They need to consider about:

1.  Fulfill the needs of long-term parking for its employees and temporary parking for its guests

2.  Effectively reduce or even eliminate traffic congestion at the entry or exit point.

3.  If the carpark open to the public, they will want to avoid possible conflict and any dodging of the parking fees.


Keytop brings the right-fit smart parking solutions to Inventronics and enables the revolution of its carpark management through an intelligent and automatic approach.

Ticketless parking access control with license plate recognition technology is one of the key features of the project. With an accuracy rate of 99%, it realizes a hassle-free entry/exit, reducing waiting time to 3-5s. Thus, the traffic congestion issue has been solved to a large extent. An additional ticket dispenser has been installed as a backup plan for any special cases such as no license cars.

Flexibility is another highlight of the project. The Keytop centralized parking management platform integrates with Keytop access control and robust payment systems to support automatic fee calculation and flexible payment, whether via mobile or auto-pay machine.

The Keytop centralized parking management platform is based on cloud and provides complete feature modules to achieve 24x7 monitoring of the carpark condition and all-round data analysis on carpark performance. Thus it enables digitized and more productive parking management.

As a leader in the parking industry, Keytop has 13 years of industry experience and over 100,000 projects globally. The success of the Inventronics car park projects, not only brings more simplicity to Inventronics’ employees in terms of parking but also further adds the credibility of Keytop brand and enriches Keytop’s project experience in the business segment.

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