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Keytop Parking Supports the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival

Nov. 23rd, 2019, the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival was successfully wrapped in China’s southeast coastal city Xiamen.

The Golden Rooster Awards, launched in 1981 (the Year of the Rooster), are national film awards sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Film Association. The awards have grown into China's most prestigious film awards and have helped contribute to the prosperity and development of China's film and artistic creation industry.

Around 1,000 industry players attended the opening ceremony and twenty awards were announced during the closing ceremony. And it is announced that the Golden Rooster Awards will be held annually in Xiamen for the next decade. A new exhibition hall was built for the nation’s most prestigious film festival and various future artistic events and exhibitions. This architect shines by its vivid combination of modern and traditional cultural and artistic characteristics. It has become another name card for Xiamen city.

To fulfill the great demand for parking, a total of 1255 parking spaces and 9 entry/exit lanes has been designed. To effectively improve the traffic flow and reduce congestion, authorities looked to smart and highly reliable parking solutions. Keytop, as a leading provider in smart parking with 100,000 parking lots, won the bid as the only parking brand for the exhibition hall. With Keytop, the project provides informed parking guidance, car finding,  and quick and comfortable access for users.

Smart Technology

Full video with built-in LPR technology is a key feature of this project. Each entry/exit is equipped with Keytop’s premium ANPR-based access control system with dual camera and hot standby server, thus the LPR accuracy rate, as well as system reliability, can reach to 99.9%. Compared with the traditional ticket parking, the system effectively reduces the entry and exit time to 3-5s.

Keytop’s video-based parking guidance which is built with a neural network and recognition algorithm, co-working with Keytop car-finding kiosk and mobile application, effectively improves the security level of the parking lot and enables a hassle-free parking experience for the guests. The average car flow is effectively improved by 2 times.

Go Mobile

Mobile is another highlight of the project. Keytop mobile application for parkers--Keytop SpeedParking, which is based on Wechat, China’s most popular social and payment mobile application, integrates various features into the platform and enables quick and easy access to parking information such as parking fee, parking space, cashless payment, coupons, etc.

Premium Service

A 7x24 intercom service is provided for a quick response to users’ needs.

On-site technicians to guarantee the all-hour operation of the parking facilities.

As a leader in smart parking, Keytop parking solutions have been installed and used in more than 100,000 parking lots across 60 countries. Focusing on the parking industry, we have been constantly advancing our solution, service, and innovative mindset toward the next level.

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