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How Ticketless Parking Management System Works in shopping center and its benefit

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

KEYTOP ANPR ticketless parking management is designed to solve the traditional parking problem in shopping malls, helping to reduce customer queuing times, build loyalty and increase satisfaction.

The less time customers spend parking, the more time they spend shopping.

01 Seamless parking experience

  • We install ANPR cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park.

  • The cameras record the number plate as the vehicle enters and exits the car park.

  • With ANPR, the customer does not need to take any additional action such as taking a ticket or swipe card when entering and exiting the car park.

02 Multiple payment way

  • Customers can use their smartphone to pre-pay for parking.

  • Other payment options include pay on foot, pay in lane is available.

  • Parking promotion, customer can redeem a parking voucher for free parking after shopping.

03 Real time parking report .

  • Visualise dashboards and real-time reports to understand your customers and monitor your parking performance.

  • Offers dynamic charging rules, supports integration with any 3rd party system and more.


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