How Ticketless Parking Management System Works in shopping center and its benefit

Updated: Nov 22

KEYTOP ANPR ticketless parking management designed to solve the shopping mall traditional parking problem and help reduces cusotmer queue times , build loyalty and boosts satisfaction .

The less time time customer spent in parking ,the more time they will spend in shopping.

01 Seamless parking experience

  • We install ANPR camera at the entry and exit points of your parking facilities.

  • Cameras capture the License Plate Number when entering and exiting the parking.

  • With ANPR camera, the customer no need additonal action like take ticket or swipe card when entering and exiting the parking.

02 Multiple payment way

  • Customer can use their smart phone to pre-pay the parking fee .

  • Other payment options include Pay on foot, pay in lane is available.

  • Parking promotion,Customer can redeem a parking coupon for free parking after shopping.

03 Real time parking report .

  • Visualize dashboards and real-time report to understand your customers and monitor your parking performance.

  • Provides dynamic charge rules, support integrations with any 3rd party system and more.

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