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Parking Management as a Service
keytop superpark

SuperPark is a brand of KEYTOP Parking  Industrial Group. Aiming to break through the traditional way of carpark management and operation, Superpark introduces AI+Cloud+Mobile smart parking management as a service and makes "unattended parking management" a reality.  


Superpark one-stop service package includes carpark design, parking management facilities installation and maintenance, 24x7 carpark operation service, carpark operation data and reports delivery, regular consultation, free advertisement design, and many more.

  • Help property owners to improve carpark performance without extra effort and cost

  • Enable comfortable and convenient parking for parkers

  • Unleash the utilization of the parking facilities and generate more revenue for property owners

Plan & Design
Products and Installation
Operation and Services
Management and Reports
Delivering Visible Results
parking report
Optimized Utilization
parking guidacne systems report
Maximized Revenue
parking guidance systems report
Enhanced Car Flow
automatic parking systems
Automatic Intelligent Products

Thanks to the sophisticated License Plate Recognition technology, Superpark ticketless entry/exit gives hassle-free access control and effectively reduces entry/exit time by 4 times the traditional ticketed parking.

Whether on-foot automated payment machine, at the exit- automated payment machine. Or payment via mobile phone, credit card, debit card, coupon. Or digital/paper invoice, long-term parking --all are made possible with Superpark Payment System supported by cloud-based and local serves.

cloud parking
Cloud-based Management Platform

With the cloud-based central parking management platform, Superpark enables the digitalization of parking operations and implements the new business idea of cloud parking management including financial management, charge administration, facility management, entry/exit lane monitoring, staff management, and parking car management. 

  • Cloud-based integration capabilities for unified management

  • Cloud-based statistics and encryption

  • Cloud-based storage for data backup and retrieval

mobile parking appliations
Mobile Parking Management 

Make parking management mobile. Superpark provides the ParkAssistant mobile application for convenient access to the carpark reports and statistics at any time and anywhere, whether single or multiple carparks.

Most comprehensive feature modules such as carpark operation statistics, monitoring, and facility alerts.

keytop after sales services
24x7 Gold Carpark Services

With years of business exploration and practice, Superpark introduces the parking industry an innovative and advanced service model-'Localization+Cloud'. Aiming to improve the parking management level and revenue generation capability with Superpark's premium service

  • 24x7 call center service for parkers

  • Real-time remote monitoring and license plate revision 

  • Dedicated carpark manager and localized technical support team

  • Value-added customization, integration, regular equipment check, carpark design services, and more

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