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Why the Airport client selected KEYTOP Intelligent Parking Guidance Systems

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Can you imagine a passenger terminal without signs and monitors guiding travelers to their departure gates or to the correct baggage claim area? Of course not! Why then, would you not want to begin the airport customer experience out on the roadway, guiding them to the most convenient、 available parking space with real-time LED display and parking space indicators? We have all suffered the agony of searching up and down full aisles, trying to find an open space. It’s an experience we all dread, especially knowing that we need to be inside the airport to catch a flight or to meet an arriving friend or family member. You check your watch, and your stress level rises as you are burning gas, creating CO2, adding to the congestion, and praying for an empty space behind that big white van – Darn! There’s a Mini hiding in there! You hit the gas and head to the next aisle.

KEYTOP Intelligent Parking guidance system is designed to help u solve the above headache , after installed this system, the airport parking could be the most easiest part of your trip .

KEYTOP intelligent Parking Guidance directs travelers to the nearest available space with no thought, stress or guesswork. the real-time ultrasonic / camera sensor networks detect the presence of vehicles in each parking space, and then directs travelers to the vacant spaces by using LED guidance display and the LED indicators (red/green lights) above each parking space.

The benefits of KEYTOP Parking Guidance System for airport customer are :

  • A cost-effective solution for car park operators with a limited budget.

  • Directing travelers to nearest available parking spaces.

  • Reduce travelers time searching for available parking space thus saving gas and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

  • Minimize potential stressful situations and reduce the risk of accidents.

KEYTOP is one of the leading intellignet parking system provider, have exported to

60+ countries / region , we help our client design and install a smart parking guidance system that most suitable to their carpark, turn their existing carpark to a world level facility, by far , KEYTOP Parking Guidance System have been selected by airport like : Penang Airport ( Malaysia )、 Chiang Mai Airport ( Thailand )、Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya )、DGCA (Kuwait ), Krakow Airport ( Poland ),Fuzhou Chnangle Airport (China), Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport(China),Shanghai Pudong International Airport (China),Ganzhou Gold Airport (China) etc .

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