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Why hotel staff love smart parking management system

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

The true wish of hotels and other commercial buildings is: To give guests the greatest convenience and satisfaction- and it starting from the parking !

When you are one of the front desk team at a busy hotel, the last thing you want to do is worry about car park management.

Hotel staff love Smartparking System , because it makes car park management a lot easier:

  • Smart parking system provide flexible parking options for guests, employees, and VIPs

  • Based on ANPR tech ,Parking Registration and authorising for guests is simple .

  • Ticketless and Cashless parking , which has a positive effect on reducing personnel contact and reducing the risk of virus transmission.

  • Smart Parking Guidance System directs guest to the nearest available space with no thought, stress or guesswork.

KEYTOP typical hotel cases

DoubleTree Greenway Plaza ( USA)

DoubleTree Hotel located in Houston, TX. The garage’s 180 parking spaces are now covered by 64 PGS cameras including 15 6-1 cameras. Each one of these units covers 6 parking spaces a piece , help guest find the nearest available parking space , The hotel’s entry and exit systems also has been updated with our ANPR Ticketless parking mangement system . This smartparking system helps improve billing, blacklisting or whitelisting vehicles, identifying problematic vehicles and more while the PGS guides drivers to the nearest spot available.

Courtyard by Marriot (USA)

KEYTOP USA team installed their PARCS system in a 4-level parking garage located next to the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Waterbury, CT. The smartparking system was installed to help improve the management experience for users such as: hotel guests, employees, event attendees and other businesses employees from the surrounding areas. The system utilizes LPR technology , giving the hotel the ability to create profiles for their different users and grant special access rights.

(Pay on foot station)

Hilton Hotel Jiaxing ( China)

The Hilton Hotel 's Ticketless smartparking system started with KEYTOP ANPR Lane Camera, which be installed at both the entry and exit lane of the car park ,The ANPR cameras capture vehicle that entering and leaving the car park , sending license plate No. to server for parking management . Automatically ,the system will Allow/Deny the vehicle entering / leaving the car park by KEYTOP High Speed Parking Barrier Gate . The whole process not need the driver take any extra action like get RFID card or Ticket , which will make the hotel traffic flow faster than ever , improve the parking experience. the system also support pay parking fee by Wechat and Alipay which are the most popular E-wallet in China .

Ticketless parking has the obvious characteristics of "Ticketless"、"Unmanned" 、"Touchless", and "Cashless payment",In the face of public health security incidents such as COVID-19 ,it helps reduce the risk of infected and increase guest confidence in safety.

KEYTOP have launched the ticketless parking to the market since 2012 , have served 10,000+ carpark project, Ticketless & Cashless parking are no longer the way of the future, but instead, the way of today we providing to our global customers .

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