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Why Choose Keytop Smart Parking Solutions

Current and Future Parking Situation

The report from shows that cars are projected to reach the two billion mark by 2040. The rapid growth of the human population and urbanization translates to the rising cost of land and property, as well as the shortage of parking space. Based on International practice, currently, a parking space is to be shared by at least 15 cars with the average parking time is over 2 hours. The gap of demand and supply will be widened in the future. Thus, property owners must strive to make the most use of their lots to generate economic benefits. This cannot be achieved without effective management of every square inch of available parking space.

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End-users' Demands of Parking

As for end-users, whether at a business center, a shopping mall, hospital, supermarket, transportation site, or public parking lot, they are expecting an efficient parking service that will allow them to get precise guidance to the available parking space, easily find their cars, and quickly pass the barrier gate. And to fulfill customer's needs is, on the other hand, the key to establishing a good experience, building repeat business and creating a loyal customer base.

Operators' Demands of Parking Management

As for parking operators, efficient parking management should contain a high utilization rate of parking space, low manual participation, trackable data and reports, and less maintenance headache.

Keytop's All-around Industry Expertise

With years of experience applying smart parking solutions in over 100k parking lots around the world, KEYTOP, the global leading provider in one-stop smart parking solutions, is set to simplify parking management for parking operators, generate more profits for property owners and deliver hassle-free parking experience for users.

Focusing on the parking industry, the KEYTOP parking industry group consists of Keytop one-stop smart parking solutions, SuperPark parking operation center, Keytop R&D center, and Keytop Boshi value-added carpark service. Thus, we build up our all-around experience and expertise in the parking industry, deepen our research to the industry development trend, and sustain stable and long-term development in the market.

Efficiency and Simplicity of Parking Management with Keytop Solutions

With the Keytop Cloud-based Parking Management Platform as the core of our smart parking solution, Keytop Smart Parking Management System applies the latest barrier technology and design, integrating with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) high-speed camera to enable ticketless parking access control, and ensure hassle-free entrance and exit from parking lots. Thus, queues are minimized, labor and material costs are effectively reduced, and higher car flow can be handled to increase efficiency and productivity.

Real-time and invaluable data and reports are accessible at any time and anywhere. Keytop Cloud-based Parking Management Platform with the capacity to handle multiple parking lots supports both web and mobile App login. With complete and customizable feature modules, the intuitive dashboard allows operators to obtain an all-around understanding of their parking lots' performance and make the best decisions.

Efficient parking facilities installation and maintenance highlight the need for true simplicity. The Keytop Parking Management System supports cloud-based remote configuration. In other words, unless it is a hardware failure, operators won't need to send a technician to the parking lot for feature configuration or issue detection, as these can be done online at the office or control center. This not only means less headache but also higher efficiency and productivity.

In short, parking businesses need to provide the highest level of flexibility and simplicity. For end-users, they can enter and leave the parking lots smoothly, find the parking space quickly. For operators, they can handle higher traffic flow and maximize the full potential of their parking lots and minimize labor costs.

Using the Keytop Smart Parking Management System, commercial parking lot operators can rest assured the coming high ROI and customer satisfaction rate.

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