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What is ticketless parking system?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The traditional method of managing a car park with a barrier system is to use tickets. When entering a car park, a ticket is taken and paid for at a pay station before leaving, and the ticket is scanned at an exit checker to open the barrier.

KEYTOP offers advanced systems that enable ticketless parking in a simple, secure and cost-optimised way for both car park operators and customers.

The Ticketless Parking system is an innovative parking management solution that works without physical paper tickets. Instead, it uses your licence plate number for access and payment. This reduces the need for hardware equipment. This reduces some operating costs and solves the problem of lost tickets, while improving traffic flow.

KEY customer benefits

01 Seamless parking experience

  • We install ANPR cameras at the entrance and exit of your car park.

  • The cameras capture the licence plate number as the vehicle enters and exits the car park.

  • With ANPR, the customer does not need to take any additional action such as taking a ticket or swipe a card when entering and exiting the car park.

02 Multiple payment way

  • Customers can use their smart phone to pre-pay the parking fee.

  • Other payment options include pay on foot, pay in lane is available.

  • Parking promotion, customer can redeem a parking voucher for free parking after shopping.

KEY benefits for car park operators

01 Less cost and more revenue

Ticketless parking systems reduce the need for hardware such as ticket dispensers and ticket validators, as well as reducing equipment maintenance, enabling car park operators to save money through reduced capital expenditure. The solution also eliminates the cost of paper tickets, replacing them with licence plate numbers.

02 Reduce on site staff

The Ticketless Parking solution is a true automated system. It works with no or less on-site staff. And thanks to KEYTOP SaaS-based software, during system maintenance, no need to send staff to the site to check system operation, can easily download software and hardware operation log directly from the cloud, great saving of time and labour costs.

03 Real time parking report .

Visualise dashboards and real-time reports to understand your customers and monitor your parking performance, provide dynamic charging rules, support integration with any 3rd party system and more.

KEYTOP is a pioneer in providing Ticketless Parking Management since 2012, by far there are over 20,000 car parks worldwide that have chosen KEYTOP as their system operator.

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