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The KEY to design a Parking Guidance System project

Smart Parking Guidance System(PGS) have been proven to cut the customer's time‐to‐park in half and result in a 3‐5% rise in visits. Simply put, the easier it is for customers to visit, the more customers will want to return again and again .

More and more car park operator realize the important of install a parking guidance system to their car park, so, when your received a inquiry for PGS ,how to design solution that most suitable for their need ? here are some Tips that may help u.

Suppose we have a project with 1200 parking space, 3 level .

Firstly , we need to know the PGS system diagram

from the above system diagram e can learn that , the system mainly consist by :

1.CCU: Central Control Unit (With Software)

2.ZCU: Zone Control Unit

3.UD: Forward Mounting Ultrasonic Detector

4.LED screen: Outdoor/Indoor LED screen

The next step is to decide how many of above hardware we need for this project ?

CCU: The main function CCU has is that inquires the relevant ZCU data by turns, processes these data, and then sends these processed data to Server or other relevant equipment ,KEYTOP CCU have built in management software, usually, one project need 1 CCU.

ZCU : The main function ZCU has is that inquires the relevant sensors’ status via RS485-B by turns, and forwards the data (refer to Connection explanation) to CCU by RS485/TCP.Meanwhile, the ZCU forwards the command of CCU to LED screen via RS485. theoreticallly, one ZCU can support 60 sensor, we have 1200 parking space in this project , so we will need 20 ZCU.

UD(ultrasonic detector) Installed at the front of each parking space detecting the parking space to get message and transfer to ZCU . KEYTOP ultrasonic sensor have built-in led indicator which will switch to Red color when parking space occupied, otherwise it will keep in Green color , One parking space need one UD ,so we need 1200 sensor.

LED indoor display : LED indoor display will be installed at the crossings or the entrance to the floor to show the real time free parking information to the drivers.

The arrow will show the direction to the drivers and the three digits will tell the drivers how many parking spaces are available.

A professional engineer will design the indoor led display qty accordingly to the car park layout , while there is a simple way to work out an estimated led display qty : Parking Space Qty ÷ 40= indoor display QTY. so in this project we need about 1200÷40=30 pcs of indoor display .

LED outdoor display The LED outdoor display will be installed at the outdoor entrance to show the whole car park information to the drivers, it mainly depends on the car park entrance qty, there are one entrance in this project, so we need 1 outdoor display .

After above, you will be able to sent client a preliminary offer, but if target client asked u for a more detailed offer including price, CAD design, technical proposal etc, suggest u contact with our professional team to support u with those, a detailed proposal will increase the chance to win the project.

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