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Malaysia Penang Airport Chose KEYTOP One Stop Solution for their Smart Parking project

KEYTOP will launch its latest intelligent Ticketless Parking Management system and Video Parking Guidance System to Penang Airport , which have 10 entrance /exit , 1429 indoor parking space .

When the vehicle enter into the parking lot, KEYTOP Video Based Parking Guidance system guides the vehicle to the floor with available parking, then to the aisle with the available parking, and finally to the empty parking bay ,When a vehicle leaves a parking space, the parking indicator changes from red to green.

When the driver forget where they have parked their car, simply by inquiry their license plate No. on the Kiosk / Auto Pay machine , the machine will generate a shortest route to find their car location .

KEYTOP parking solution will be fully Integrate with The Touch 'n Go , which is used by Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as the sole electronic payment system , After this project finish, the Penang Airport will be one of the most intelligent Carpark cross Malaysia.

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