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Keytop Solution Introduced to Terrace Mall in the Matsudo City of Japan

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Background: The Largest Shopping Mall

Located in the Matsudo City of Japan, the Terrace Mall is the largest shopping mall project in the area with 180 shop stores and 1,400 parking spaces. It is the destination of thousands of local people for entertainment, shopping, and dining. Thus, car traffic volume is at a very high level.

Project Description: Comfortable Parking, Delightful Experience

Parking is becoming an issue that greatly affects the customer’s experience and loyalty for shopping malls. While providing customers with diversified options and experiences, Terrace Mall also looks to upgrade their car park facilities to delight their customers at the time of their arrival. After deep research and evaluation, they decided to go with Keytop solution.

Keytop Solution: A Top-level Parking Guidance Solution

With Keytop guidance system, the shopping mall provides customers with clear information and directions for them to find vacant parking spaces quickly and easily. It is designed to reduce the stress and time of looking for a parking space and enable customers to truly enjoy their time at the mall.

The Terrace Mall installed its 1400 parking spaces, both indoor and outdoor, with Keytop Ultrasonic Detectors and LED Indicators for parking status indication, Outdoor, and Aisle Directional Signs which display parking space availability and directions to help drivers make the right decision easily.

With Keytop parking guidance solution, the Terrace Mall not only wins customer’s high marks but also streamlines its carpark operation workload. Thus, their car park facilities are fully optimized.

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