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KEYTOP's Innovative Solution for hotel parking management

The hotel is a place that provides lodging and dining services for business and tourists. It is generally located in bustling areas of the city with convenient transportation. However, due to the limitation of its own building area, the number of parking spaces in the hotel is often limited. Faced with a huge flow of vehicles, how to effectively manage the hotel parking lot and provide better parking services for hotel guests is a problem faced by hotel managers.

To address these challenges, KEYTOP has launched a hotel parking management solution that combines "big data + cloud + AI" and other technologies to promote a fast, safe, and comfortable parking experience. The solution focuses on specific application requirements such as parking coupons and convenient services, enabling hotels to provide high-quality parking services for their guests.

Vehicle management:

Hotel staff can handle such as monthly parking cars, VIP parking cars. The license plate number is recorded in the system in advance, and authorized vehicles can freely enter and exit through license plate recognition. For hotel supply vehicles, visitor authorization can be granted to reduce inspection procedures and communication costs. Through reasonable vehicle management, the overall labor cost of management is reduced, and the time spent by vehicles at entrances and exits is reduced, enabling quick entry and exit.

Parking coupons:

The solution helps hotels solve the problem of parking coupon for hotel guests such as meetings, events, and banquets. Hotel front desk can independently issue parking coupons, which can be easily redeemed by hotel parker, enhancing the overall hotel parking experience. Electronic or paper printing coupon are available, and automated reports make it easy to account for the distribution of coupons in the parking lot.

Payment methods:

During holidays, events, and other special periods with high traffic in the hotel parking lot,KEYTOP provides various electronic payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay, and other E payments way to effectively improve the turnover rate of the parking lot. In addition, the solution supports the "park first, pay later" function for members, where Parker only need to register for KEYTOP "SuperPark” Application to enjoy the privilege of paying for parking fees after leaving, reducing the payment rate at the exit and completely solving parking lot congestion problems.

Group control:

For hotel group, the solution can centrally manage multiple subordinate parking lots on one platform, realizing automatic data report generation and unified inquiries. Through the control of data permissions and functional permissions, different organizations and roles can perform hierarchical and decentralized management to ensure the security of management data.

Currently, KEYTOP has built multiple hotel parking lot projects worldwide , empowering hotel parking lots to transform to refined, intelligent, and digital management, making hotel management more intelligent and convenient.

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