KEYTOP Parking Management System Reference Project:Tencent Headquarters Beijing

Updated: Sep 2

The new Tencent Beijing HQ is conceived as a small vertical city.

The Internet giant headquarters is located at the edge of the Zhongguancun Software Park in the northern part of the Beijing city center. More than 10,000 employees and visitors use this building every day.

The Tencent Beijing HQ totally have 2700 parking space , 7 entry and 8 exit , As Tencent group strategic partner, KEYTOP responsible for the consulting、design and installation of smart parking management system .

At the entry / exit of carpark, there is a KEYTOP ANPR based ticketless parking managment system, The system started with KEYTOP patent ANPR Lane Camera, The ANPR cameras capture vehicle that entering and leaving the car park , sending license plate No. to server for parking management .Automatically ,the system will Allow/Deny the vehicle entering / leaving the car park by KEYTOP High Speed Parking Barrier Gate . The whole process not need the driver take any extra action like get RFID card or Ticket , which will make the traffic flow faster than ever.

inside the carpark, there is a KEYTOP video based parking guidance system , the system will enhances the parking experience by making it easier and more efficient for parker to find available parking spaces, and by providing an "Find Your Car " function, the system can easily create a shortest route to help the driver find the Parking Space that they have parked their car .

KEYTOP is one of the leading smart parking provider , have project in more than 60 countries & regions, more than 1 million parking space benefit from KEYTOP smart parking solution, KEYTOP High-Quality Parking Guidance Solutions have garnered praise from around the world , including the car park of the largest Airport , shopping center , office building ,University in the world.

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