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KEYTOP PARKING launched its 2nd R&D center in Chengdu City

KEYTOP, the known smart parking system manufacturer, has announced that to better prepare for the market explosion ,the company has launched its 2nd R&D center in Chengdu City.

Chengdu is one of the world's top 40 cities by scientific research output ,The city is home to the greatest number of universities and research institutes in Southwestern China

The new R&D center now consisted by around 60 professional developer , will specialized in the development of Parking Data center, Centralized Parking Management Platform, Parking Membership System, and Overseas market software customization service

For KEYTOP overseas market , the establishment of the new R&D center will help KEYTOP strengthen its advantages in the software customization service for their overseas project.

According to the senior sales manager said, there were no carparks are exactly the same, each market / project have its custom about Access control way 、Parking charge rule 、Payments & Redemption way etc, what we need to do is to fulfill the customer's customize needs and make their daily parking management more efficiency ,to help operators to attain a higher customer satisfaction rate and generate further revenue.

KEYTOP is currently one of the largest and most popular Smart Parking Provider in the industry, the company have exported to 60+ countries since 2006, reached about 20,000+ installation, which is projected to grow further.

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