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KEYTOP new Smart Parking Project ,Hand in hand with Mixc Mall

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Mixc Mall, located in the core of Wuhan's financial industry zone, with a total investment of about 1.19 billion USD, covering a high-end shopping mall, a special commercial street, four residential buildings and two international Grade A office buildings.

Mixc Car park have totally 14 Entry/Exit and 3,300+ parking spaces , adopted KEYTOP one stop smart parking solutions .

Solution Highlight

  • Fast Entry, Fast Exit

Based on ANPR technology and Mobile payments , bring parker a Ticketless and cashless parking experience, meanwhile has a positive effect on reducing human contact and reducing the risk of virus transmission

  • Find Your Car Kiosk

Parkers can easily find their car parking location through a stand-alone kiosk placed near the exit or through an app built into the smartphone .

  • Parking Space Navigation

Parker searches for "Mixc" mall on the map , the map will displaying the real time available parking space on the map, Parker selected the parking space they want to park and start navigation, when the Parker is about to enter the Mixc car park ,the map will seamlessly switch from outdoor navigation mode to indoor parking space navigation , continuously guiding the parker to the selected parking space. After parking, the map will automatically record the parking space location for the Parker, Parker only need to press "Find Your Car " button on the map, the map will guide the parker from the current location to their car parking location

  • About KEYTOP

As a pioneer in smartparking, KEYTOP provide one stop Smart Parking Solution with a view of making the world Better ,Safer and Smarter. We providing safe, efficient, convenient and reliable Ticketless & Contactless Smartparking Solution to customers around the world., and have exported our system to 60+ countries and region .

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