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Not a barrier , but more , KEYTOP new products for ticketless parking launch into the market

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This new model Integrated with an ANPR camera, barrier gate, LCD display, and fill light. It has industry design, high integration, and high cost performance. It is an important part of KEYTOP Ticketless Parking Management System. High-definition camera, clear images, combined with video license plate intelligent recognition software, quickly and accurately identify license plate information. LCD display . Mainly installed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, continuous operation is stable and reliable, convenient and quick construction, simple debugging and flexible matching.

① Sensor: Support WDR, strong light suppression, low illumination and other parameters adjustment

② Processor: High-speed ARM dual-core processor

③ Video stream: adopt advanced video compression technology H.26 4 /H.26 5 encoding, high compression ratio, and processing is very flexible, capture frames using JPEG encoding, picture quality can be set

④ Embedded intelligent video analysis, all-weather average detection rate is greater than 99%

 Embedded video stream license plate recognition, with an average recognition rate greater than 99% all-weather

⑥ Support continuous capture technology to improve the capture rate

⑦ Supports the TCP / IP protocol, ONVIF protocol

⑧ Environmental performance: high reliability fan design , to control the temperature within the normal operating range, to ensure long-term operation

Main Feature

① Trigger way: 3 modes, namely video trigger, loop trigger and mixed trigger.

② Fill light control: the brightness of the fill light can be adjusted, and there are three working modes, namely smart mode, constant light mode, and flashing capture.

③ Power zoom lens: support electric power by focusing debugging assistant tool

④ LCD display and voice broadcast: 12.1 inch LCD display, the screen can be configured to display parking time, charge amount, QR code and other content. Support regular display and voice broadcast of entrances and exits when the car comes.

⑤ Black and white lists: Supports import, delete, add and modify black and white lists.

⑥ Automatic white balance: When the light changes, the color is still possible to accurately reflect the condition of the subject.

⑦ Automatic exposure: exposure metering system is possible according to the measured subject of the screen, the factory set in accordance with a shutter and aperture combination exposure, sets the shutter speed.

⑧ Automatic gain: When the illuminance is very low, it can automatically increase the sensitivity of the camera and enhance the image signal output, so as to obtain a clear and bright image.

⑨ 3D car inspection anti-smashing: If the brake lever receives a 3D car inspection input trigger signal during the falling process, it will immediately raise the barrier arm. During the triggering period, the lever will not fall. After the infrared input is restored, the barrier arm will fall automatically.

⑩ Rebound function in case of resistance: the barrier arm immediately lifts the lever after encountering external force during the fall process, with high sensitivity.

11 The speed of raising and lowering the arm is 3S.

For more technical specs pls feel free contact with our sales .

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