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KEYTOP Launched Video Parking Guidance System to Abu Dhabi Al Maryah Central

KEYTOP China has Launched Video Parking Guidance System to Abu Dhabi Al Maryah Central, which is a truly innovative development that is designed as a lifestyle hub in the centre of the capital. Its unique offering will enhance Abu Dhabi’s retail, entertainment and dining sectors.

Al Maryah Central totally have 3036 parking space, after this IP camera-based Parking Guidance System that developed by KEYTOP installed at car park , it will enhances the parking experience by making it easier and more efficient for driver to find vacant spaces, and by providing an "Find Your Car " function, the system can easily create a shortest route to help the driver find the Parking Space that they have parked their car .

As one of the company's competitive products , the KEYTOP intelligent Video Parking Guidance System mainly have below feature. 

  • Parking space reservation

Using the intelligent car finder system , drivers or the car park administrator are allowed to reserve parking spaces in remotely by computer , selecting from all available spaces.

  • Guide driver to nearest available parking space .

The LED display that installed at the crossings or the entrance to the floor showing the real time free parking information to the drivers. and the IP camera with built in Red /Green/Blue lights above each bay show if they are reserved/occupied or available for use.

  • Find Your Car

The KIOSK that with built-in “Find your car” application will be installed nearby the Escalator、Elevator and stairs , helping driver Find their car by simply inputting their license No. on the KIOSK

  • Remote Supervisory

Parking manager can monitor the Real-time video or replay the video of each parking space accordingly to their need , this function will be widely used in collect evidence of scratched car, vehicle theft etc .

About KEYTOP KEYTOP PARKING, had 14+ years experience in the filed of parking  industry ,  products line included Touchless parking barrier system, all kind of indoor/outdoor smart parking guidance system , KEYTOP smart parking system are economic to construct and maintain and take account of all service requirements, KEYTOP optimize the use of parking space and design a system that most suitable for the facility. Quite simply, when it comes to Smart Parking, we do it better, faster and more cost effectively.

By far, KEYTOP have project in more than 60 countries & regions, KEYTOP High-Quality Parking Guidance Solutions  have garnered praise from around the world , including the car park of the largest Airport , shopping center , office building ,University in the world.

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