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KEYTOP New Product: Direct Current Inverter Parking Barrier For Ticketless Parking Management

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Products Highlight

  • High transmission efficiency ,long service life

Our parking barrier adopting a unique mechanism design, high transmission efficiency, low impact,low heat , the service life(≥8 million time) is more than twice that of ordinary barriers.

  • Faster, low jitter

Parking barrier Up/Dn at a speed of 0.3-1s (Setable), low jitter,meet the needs of in different environments

  • Real-time monitoring

Real time obtain the turning angle of the parking barrier arm .

  • Low maintenance cost

Parking barrier with High performance geared motor , with overheating self-protection function, reducing after-sales maintenance costs

  • Carbon fiber barrier arm, anti-smashing and safer

Parking barrier using carbon fiber barrier arm,Light weight material, super anti-smashing performance

(Exit Installation Pics , device including intercom , pay in lane , master ANPR camera , secondary ANPR camera(optional) , barrier gate )

For more detailed products specs , pls contact with our sales .

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