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KEYTOP Awarded "CMMI3" Certification for Improved Software Proce

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Good News! KEYTOP has been awarded the "CMMI3" certification. The new certification has been released and the relevant information can be found in the following description. The electronic certificate has been issued and uploaded to the "Headquarters Shared Network Drive." Please feel free to access it as needed for compliance purposes.

So, what is the CMMI3 certificate? CMMI, or Capability Maturity Model Integration, is a software capability maturity assessment standard developed by the United States Department of Defense and Carnegie Mellon University. It is not only a certification of product quality but also a way to improve software processes. It is a means of promoting continuous maturity and improvement in software product development, service, and management, as well as a process of continuously enhancing and improving a company's own software capabilities.

What does obtaining the CMMI3 certificate mean for KEYTOP.? Being evaluated as a CMMI3 level company is an important milestone in the company's continuous improvement of its software and management processes. This means that the company will be better able to provide higher levels of technical expertise, quality assurance, and products and services for its global customers.

What is the role of the CMMI3 certificate in the bidding business? The CMMI3 certificate is widely applicable in bidding businesses such as system integration, large-scale software, city-level projects, road parking projects, and other related projects for medium to large-sized software systems collaborations. This certification will help KEYTOP win more bidding projects and provide better quality services to its customers.

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