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Introducing K-Manager and Mobile Toll App: The Future of Parking Management

Parking management has always been a challenge for businesses and property managers. However, with the introduction of KEYTOP K-Manager and Mobile Toll App, parking management is about to become easier than ever before.

K-Manager is an innovative mobile management app that combines Cloud and Mobile technologies to cater to the needs of managers at all levels. With real-time push of various reports, K-Manager provides daily/monthly business report, parking revenue analysis report, daily traffic statistics, and more. Moreover, it allows customers to participate in project supervision and track parking construction progress at any time.

K-Manager also offers multi-faceted parking management, including single/multi-parking control, authorization management for visitors/outsiders, real-time video monitoring of each entry/exit, online operation of e-coupons, and automated after-sales support.

Another breakthrough in parking management is the Mobile Toll App, which replaces traditional manned toll management. You can now manage parking anytime, anywhere through your mobile device and support one-click opening and closing of the barrier in case of exceptions. It also allows you to switch between all entry/exits/parking lots in seconds.

The Mobile Toll App is designed to be a power and network outage response artifact. Upon entry, it takes a photo and recognizes the license plate, remotely lifting the barrier to allow passage. Upon exit, it takes a photo and recognizes the license plate, matches the information, and calculates the parking fee.

This app also offers special situation management flexibility. You can specify reasons for free passage of special vehicles and modify license plates and take new photos if there are exceptions at exit.

Both K-Manager and Mobile Toll App are targeted towards management, property managers, fee collectors, and security staff. They are applicable in scenarios such as mobile office, remote control, and business decision analysis.

In conclusion, KEYTOP K-Manager and Mobile Toll App represent the future of parking management. They offer convenience, ease of use, and flexibility, making them an indispensable tool for businesses and property managers. With these innovative technologies in place, parking management will no longer be a challenge but instead a breeze.

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