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COVID -19, What is the top 3 changes to the parking industry ?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

As the coronavirus reshapes our relationship with the outside world, no industry is immune. The parking industry is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, people work from home and demand for parking spaces is low. Additionally, public health advice is keen to limit physical contact at touchpoints in car parks.

The drastic change in parking demand can be devastating for many parking lots. However, the parking industry is picking up pace and reconfiguring parking lots to accommodate the situation. The silver lining of the pandemic is a shift in technology that will allow parking facilities to offer convenient and sustainable parking solutions. How is the parking industry adapting to a changing market? What innovative technologies are they adopting to tide them over?

1. Increased demand in Smartparking/Ticketless Parking Management

As the pandemic spreads, many governments are advising social distancing and minimizing the use of public touchpoints to avoid spreading the virus. With so many touch points, the parking industry struggles to determine the health and safety of users. However, innovations aimed at autonomous parking solutions without human intervention are reducing health and safety concerns within parking facilities.

With Smartparking/Ticketless parking management system , Parker can enter / exit the car park without slowing down to take / scan the ticket as the gates open automatically by using license plate recognition technology. the Ticketless parking is becoming more and more prominent as a hands-free parking method. It eliminates tickets, cash exchanges at payment stations and swiping credit cards , which greatly increases the convenience of the parking lot.

2. Emphasize on contactless payment

Contactless payment methods have been around for years, but many people ignore them. Parking operators have been working hard to integrate E-payment options into their car parks. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, people are more and more changing payment methods from cash to digital. In addition to E-payment methods, people also use Auto pay station(Pay on foot , pay in lane etc ) as a payments method .

Contactless payments in smartparking system reduce touchpoints and contact with parking employees. Therefore, it minimizes the risk of the virus spreading within the parking facility.

3. Parking preferences changes

Before COVID-19, many Parker were wary of Smart Parking Systems, and some still relied on Cash payments and tickets at the gate. However, the pandemic has encouraged the use of innovative solutions such as Ticketless Parking Management System and Parking guidance system . Many Parker are now accepting automated parking and contactless payments. Shifting consumer behavior means parking operators need to install smart parking solutions in their facilities. Drivers are becoming more aware of the availability of parking facilities and payment options.

Drivers who previously used valet parking are now willing to drive a few more meters and park by themselves. This means that parking facilities that typically offer valet parking have to be adapted to accommodate self-parking. But if parking operators want to keep valet parking, they must use personal protective equipment to protect themselves and their customers from infection.

COVID-19 has brought irreversible changes in consumer behavior. Most commuters are very aware of their surroundings and parking facilities need to take proactive steps to build customer confidence. Smart Parking System provides parking lots with a competitive advantage during the COVID-19 crisis by ensuring safety and convenience.

As a pioneer in smartparking, KEYTOP provide one stop Smart Parking Solution with a view of making the world Better ,Safer and Smarter. We providing safe, efficient, convenient and reliable Ticketless & Contactless Smartparking Solution to customers around the world., and have exported our system to 60+ countries and region .



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