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AR Navigation Enables Seamless Car Finding at Chengdu SKP

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Chengdu SKP is a remarkable one-stop shopping and entertainment destination in Southwest China, with more than 1,300 first-tier brands from around the world . However, due to its large area and the complexity of its car park, it can be quite a challenge to find your car when returning after parking. To solve this problem, KEYTOP has provided an AR car-finding solution for the 3,000 parking spaces at the Chengdu SKP.

With licence plate recognition and Bluetooth technology, the car can be quickly located and the best route for navigation is intelligently recommended. Navigation is enabled through the phone's camera, which is linked to a real-world 3D environment to provide more clarity and convenience. The voice navigation, real indoor scenes and directional arrows make finding the destination a breeze, making the car-finding process more user-friendly for those unfamiliar with the car park.

(AR car finding demo)

The KEYTOP AR car-finding solution at Chengdu SKP has provided a seamless car-finding experience for visitors and makes visiting the shopping centre more enjoyable. It has also helped optimise the overall parking experience, allowing visitors to easily and quickly find their cars without any hassle.


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