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Join KEYTOP's Distribution Network for Innovative ANPR Ticketless Parking Solutions

Join KEYTOP's Distribution Network for Innovative Ticketless Parking Solutions

The parking industry is rapidly evolving, with ANPR ticketless control and mobile payments replacing traditional methods. However, finding the right product to meet customers' needs can be challenging. That's where KEYTOP comes in. Our ANPR and mobile payment solution has been successfully implemented in over 20,000 projects worldwide, making us the leading provider of ANPR Ticketless Parking Management .

We are now seeking distribution opportunities with companies who share our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our ideal distributor should have a strong understanding of the local market, extensive experience in the parking industry, and:

  • A dedicated sales team with strong technical expertise that can provide exceptional customer support and service

  • Willingness to forge a close working relationship with us, collaborating to tailor our system to meet local market needs effectively.

  • Passionate about delivering innovative, high-quality products and services that improve the parking experience for customers worldwide

  • Driven to achieve revenue growth for both parties through successful distribution partnerships

At KEYTOP, we firmly believe that our ANPR Ticketless Parking Management System can provide you with a significant competitive edge in the market. Our user-friendly system can be customized to meet your specific market needs and is further supported by our exceptional customer support team. Take advantage of this opportunity to join our distribution network today and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic parking industry.

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Jul 15, 2023

Dear Sirs.

I am situated in Ukraine.

I have a tequest from trading company for organization payment for presence of cars at their parking. Car registration throw ANPR and payment by smartphone, bsnk card or by cash.

Please send me your proposition.

My WhatsApp is +380505772076

Alexander Stolyarenko

TAVEX PLUS, LLC company - President


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