Make Parking Easier.
Video-based Guidance System
  • Ideal for large parking lots (airport, a high-end shopping center) where thousands of car parks every day.

  • Runs on back-end LPR technology, recognition rate higher than 98%

  • Detects and indicates parking status

  • Supports car-finding capabilities 

Ultrasonic Guidance System
  • A cost-effective solution for car park operators with a limited budget. 

  • Easily and quickly find the parking bay with an informed LED display, 

  • Reduce congestion inside the carpark

  • Less time searching and more time relaxing

Directional LED Signs
  • Key components of the parking guidance system,

  • Show the nearest route to the available parking bay 

  • Help the operator to better diverge the traffic inside the car park.

Outdoor Parking Guidance
  • Two types of wireless outdoor parking guidance magnetic-based and ultrasonic-based,

  • Ideal for different outdoor parking lot environments.

  • Based on wireless data transmission and low power consumption technologies

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