Airport and Transportation Pivot
Delivering Smarter Parking Experiences​
  • Provide customers a much shorter time span between arrival at the site and boarding, as our smart parking solutions effectively reduce waiting and searching time.
  • Support multiple payment methods integration, such as mobile payment, credit card, and cash. Support integration with flyer program to make the journey more delightful.
  • Realize automated management and streamlined workflow to create a smart car park
  • Improve parking facilities utilization and drive revenue growth and infrastructure investment with complete performance data and reports

Krakow Airport, Poland

Krakow Airport is the largest regional airport in Poland. The operational area of the airport covers south-eastern Poland inhabited by around 7.9 million people within 100 km of the airport. 


Keytop Parking Guidance Solution

ANPR Based Access Control

  • License plate recognition

  • Video analytics

  • Non-stop, no waiting queue

  • 98% accuracy, 99.9% reliability

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